I approve: Tolani scarves

Those who know me well know that I have a soft spot for anything Italian...particularly designers. One of my favorite Italian designers is Missoni, but being a college student living in the middle of Missouri (yay) somewhat hampers my ability to attain lots of my favorite designer items. The Tolani scarf, however, is the poor man's Missoni; you get pashmina-like fringed edges combined with the Missoni zig-zag print. I love this thing.

I received an e-mail while in class today from Swank Boutique, one of my favorite places to shop here in Columbia. It's hard to find good stuff in mid-MO, and Swank is one of the few stores here that carries great brands like Juicy Couture, French Connection, Hanky Panky, True Religion, etc. They JUST got these Tolani scarves in, and once I saw the photograph of Jessica Alba wearing the zig-zag pattern, I had to get one. Ah consumer whore-ism.

The Tolani scarves are expensive. Don't get me wrong, you're paying for quality and design, but at $75 a pop, these babies are a small investment. Their mission statement reads:

Welcome to Tolani Collection. Our designers have combined elements of traditional cultures and blended with the modern design elements to create elegant and fun to wear products. We are committed to producing cutting edge design and the highest quality handcrafted clothing.

Beware: if you decide to purchase one in Columbia there are waiting lists. I just happened to stumble upon Swank the day they received the new shipment so I was lucky enough to have the chance to choose my colors and design (similar to the one shown to the left.) The scarf is so versatile; it can be worn with literally anything. This scarf can pull any outfit together; always a plus for college students who live in hoodies and jeans.

For those outside of the CoMO area (lucky you) the scarves are available at a number of online stores.

Blue Heaven Boutique
Boutique to You

And, if you cannot drop that much cash moneydolladollabills on a scarf, there are some more inexpensive options. Urbanoutfitters Shredded Square Scarf Lurex Two Toned Oblong Scarf features a number of scarves for around $30, while H&M is always featuring scarves year-round in stores. Throw on some riding boots, a long cardigan, and a Tolani and you're pretty much good to go.

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