I approve: Glitter Glue

glitter glue is amazing. the sheer versatility of this half liquid/half gelatinous goo is



there are many reasons gg is my approved product for today. As a member of a sorority, I have been unwillingly converted into a crafter. Bid day, initiation, pledge mom revealing, promotion banners, and other sorority things that I'm sure no one cares about, all require copious amounts of hot glue, foam paper, sharpies and, of course, the infamous glitter glue. Take a plain piece of paper or sailor hat (sorry, I had to) and simply add glitter- it will be transformed from blah to BOMB.

gsquared has also just saved my ass. I have been requested to make a shotbook page for my friend (Danielle...in my online journalism class too. check out her blog, addictedtotv.blogger.com) I decorated the page with patterned paper, stickers, quotes, etc. but something was missing. That little bit of glitter around the edges made all the difference. I owe my life to this stuff.

I will soon add various things one can do with gg. but for now, I need to go blow-dry my shot book page so the goo won't smear (drying time is clearly its' ONLY downfall.)

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Danielle said...

and what a glorious shotbook page it was! Thanks for the shout out Chels- but it is http://daniellestvaddiction.blogspot.com/