I approve: This review of "The Happening"

Christopher Orr writes:

“M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie, The Happening, is not merely bad. It is an astonishment, so idiotic in conception and inept in execution that, after seeing it, one almost wonders whether it was real or imagined. It’s the kind of movie you want to laugh about with friends, swapping favorite moments of inanity: “Do you remember the part when Mark Wahlberg … ?” “God, yes. And what about that scene where the wind … ?”

The problem, of course, is that to have such a conversation, you’d normally have to see the movie, which I believe is an unreasonably high price to pay just to make fun of it.”

Right on.


I approve: Kanye (part XVII)

Kanye may not be tough. He may not have street cred. And he may not wear enough Phat Farm. I don't care. He rocks the Vuitton hardcore enough for me. Despite what the haters say, and there are a lot of them, I still believe he is one of the greatest hip hop producers/lyricists/fahionistos in the business today. Oh, and he's a Rocafella, so you KNOW he's legit.

But enough about my unrequited love affair with arguably the most untouchable hip hop icon (although I hear he's now single...) Let's discuss his Glow in the Dark Chicago performance. The MOMENT I heard K was going on tour, I got on his website to get tickets. Having already seen him once before in row 78 at Mizzou Arena (yes I still have my ticket and referred to it for row number), I was determined to get a better seat. Seeing as how this tour was predicted by Rolling Stone to be "the greatest live performance since U2's show more than a decade ago," the tickets were not cheap. So, I did it. I signed up for Kanye's fan club. And got VIP tickets. For the Chicago show. The tickets were around $170 and they guaranteed a spot within the first 20 rows. What was I thinking? I ordered tickets through a potentially shady website, that may or may not get me a spot in the first 20 rows, let alone a seat at all. For all I knew, some 14-year-old girl in Ohio was now $150 richer and on her way to buy 1,000 bonnebell lipglosses. Oh well, I still had my faith. And a printable receipt, thank God (or insert other spiritual leader).

to be continued.