I approve: Sunshine Sushi eel rolls

I'm sure most MU students, let alone the general public of Columbia, haven't heard of Sunshine Sushi. However, I like to think of it as a Mizzou campus treasure. The obsession began last year when I began taking my 3-hour art courses. It was seemingly impossible to make it all the way through my 11am-2pm 2D design class without my stomach emitting embarrassingly loud noises. My friend Laura and I decided to take a short "break" in the middle of our classes, aka take a trip over to Brady Commons for some much needed nourishment.

Neon signs flickered promises of warm Chick-fil-a chicken, Hardee's burgers, Pizza Hut breadsticks (mmm), and Sunshine Sushi rolls. Which one to choose? Being such a huge fan of sushi, we opted for the Sunshine. It took a few trial runs before I decided that the eel rolls made with avocado were far superior to all the others.

At Sunshine Sushi you can put in an order with the sushi chefs and they will make the sushi right in front of you, or if you're in a hurry you can opt to grab a pre-made roll in the cooler across food court. I, personally, stay away from the cooler. Far, far away. If you want to get the most out of your experience, I highly recommend ordering a roll and having them make it fresh. Usually when I order the eel roll the chefs actually need to go to their back cooler to get a fresh cut of eel...ensuring that the fish hasn't been sitting out at room temperature. They also have employees make special runs to get fresh vegetables if they are running low. The friendly staff is more than happy to make you the roll of your choice, and they can even make special orders (eel rolls usually come with cucumbers, but I order mine with avocado.)

I have always chosen Sunshine Sushi as my favorite Brady Commons food choice, however after recently becoming "vegetarian" (I still eat fish, so kill me) it has become my only feasible choice available in Brady, besides a Pizza Hut personal pan cheese. For true vegetarians, they offer vegetable rolls, such as cucumber, avocado, and carrot rolls which are just as tasty as the meaty ones.

Beware. I HAVE had bad experiences. After all, it is cafeteria-style sushi, so there are always risks involving food safety. Order a fresh roll from the friendly sushi chefs, and enjoy.

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