I approve: Puffins

No, sillies. Not the birds, the cereal.

These delicious puffs of peanut butter delight are truly addictive. And, at $4.50 a box they BETTER be.

Barbara's Bakery is an organic company that has produced cereals, cookies, granola bars, etc. for the past 36 years. Barbara's does not use refined white sugar, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives...aka it is delicious and goooood for you.

Which is good news for me, because I literally eat this stuff all day long. It's the perfect cereal to put in a baggie and take around campus with you because it tastes just as good dry as it does with milk. Think peanut butter Captain Crunch, but a little puffier and more peanut buttery.

I have yet to try the cinnamon, original or honey rice flavors because I'm afraid they will be a disappointment, but take my word for it...the PB ones are phenom. If I do eat them with milk, I definitely recommend using regular milk and not soy. The puffs are sweet and substantial enough that the soymilk makes them almost too rich.

Available at Hy-vee's natural organic section, Clover's natural market (try the Forum one, the Broadway one is usually sold-out of peanut butter flavor.)


beaks said...

ok so i will comment on your posts when you comment on my comments. i.d. the i approve of ambika stint. things of that nature.

i also approve of puffins, but only the non-earthy animal kind.

beaks said...

i meant i.e.

chelsea said...

hahahaha someday there MIGHT be an I approve Ambika. someday. are you staying in London all of summer? would you be at all interested in subleasing a place over the summer if it means we would get to live there next year? lemmmmme know

beaks said...

hmm, i don't know. i'm thinking london or st. louis. i don't think taking classes will make me a better person...AS I ONLY HAVE 6 CLASSES LEFT SUCKAAA lol.

my cousin (yes you know which one) read your blog and now loves puffins. STOP TURNING MY FAMILY INTO EARTHLINGS.

Oh, and have you noticed that i have a link from my blog to yours? I think you should throw some cash dolla dolla bills this way since I am now a famous MSN writer, people probably read my blog and click on yours. Free publicity. NBD.