I approve: Haagen Dazs Sorbet

Long story short, this stuff is amazing. I have only tried the raspberry flavor, but once my pint is gone (in only a matter of minutes, I'm sure) I'm going to purchase the mango flavor. 
This does not taste like what most people think "sorbet" tastes like. It isn't icy and tart, but instead tastes like fruity ice cream; rich enough to satisfy any sugary craving. 

An entire pint of this has only 480 calories. That means you can eat 3 WHOLE CONTAINERS of this for the same caloric value of one Chipotle burrito. 

Let that marinade.

Now, obviously no one consciously plans on sitting down and eating an entire pint of ice cream, but sometimes these things happen. In the case of Haagen-Dazs sorbet, IT'S OKAY!

comes in chocolate, coconut, peach, lemon, raspberry, mango and strawberry flavors.


I approve: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jack and I went to the Chi this weekend to pick up my furniture from Ikea aka heaven.

Have you ever driven through Illinois? 

Don't. Ever. It's worse than driving through both Missouri and Iowa combined, if you can imagine. 

On Sunday we drove 8 hours, through literal nothingness. Jack and I spent way too many hours (yes hours) at Ikea, me deciding between the birch-effect or white bookshelves and Jack probably contemplating how easily he could throw himself down the escalator. Afterwards, we went out for dinner and then wandered the streets of the Chi looking for some trouble, or at a least a bar. But, oh yeah, it was Sunday night and NOTHING WAS OPEN. Really, life? 

Upon deciding the night shouldn't be a total bust, we did what any sane couple in an unfamiliar city would do and bought some overproof Jamaican rum.
"I drank some last Saturday night and was still dancing in my underwear at noon the next morning," says the man at the liquor store. Try to say no to that. Overproof rum in hand, we headed back to the hotel and rented a movie on our TV for $13.99

There is good news, however. The movie we rented was actually really good...and I don't think it was the rum. 

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" contains the same wit and style as other Apatow productions such as Superbad, Knocked Up and 40-Year-Old Virgin, but is effortlessly cool and laugh out loud at the same time.  A bunch of reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes agrees and says the film "finds just the right mix of romantic and raunchy comedy."

Plus, it has Paul Rudd.

I approve: Anatomical Wood Man Thing

Meet little anatomical wood man thing. He sits on my desk all day and all night in these amazing poses! 

While I swore to myself while back in drawing and 2D design sophomore year that I would NEVER set eyes on one of these things again, I didn't realize just how precious these little wood men are. They can wave. They can stand with attitude. I personally like to keep mine in mid-leap all the time.

Once I get my ikea furniture assembled (in a few months) and get my life/room together I will post a photo of little wood man. But, until then...what's your favorite desk item?


I approve: Perfume

I have recently become obsessed with perfume. Yes, yes, I know. Last year I was obsessed with wine. The year before it was pilates. Yesterday it was OPI Pompeii Purple nail polish on my toes (which I, of course, approve of as well.) But let me tell you, I think this perfumista-stage will last longer than my short-lived obsession with kale. That's just like chewing velvet after awhile.

Anyways. So, I've always loved perfume and own what I believe to be an abnormal amount of perfume for the average 21-year old college female. Here's my inventory...

Burberry "Brit"_someone told me that it "smells like old money" on me. I've worn it every winter since.
Bvlgari "Blv"_nice and powdery, a gift from my dad in middle school. apparently he thought I was mature.
Marc Jacobs "Essence" _reminds me a little of Juicy, a sparkly barbie scent
Benefit "Maybe Baby"_a GOOD rose, similar to Stella but much less in yo face
Victoria's Secret "SuperModel"_blame my obsession with Adriana Lima but I'm a sucker for VS. also, this just plain smells delightful.
Anna Sui Dolly Girl "Bonjour L'Amour"_reminds me of an Escada. if you're familiar with Escada you know it won't matter which one.
Chanel "Chance"_senior year of high school, mmm spicy.
L'Occitane "Eau de Miel" (honey)_purchased in Paris. smells just like melted honey and flowers.
La Voglia Matta "Oops Summer"_purchased in Italy. the moment I smelled it, I wanted to cuddle with myself. green apple-tastic.
Les Divines Alcoves "Aux Anges"_solid scent from Anthropologie. this is all my favorite scents in perfect balance...a little gardenia, a little jasmine and a little tuberose.
Thymes "Kimono Rose"_I guess I like the roses. reminds me of Fresh "sugar lychee"
Bond no. 9 "Chinatown"_given to me by my boyfriend's mom. amazing lady, amazing perfume.

I know, eclectic mix of scents. My collection is not complete, however! There are a few more beautiful bottles that I would love to call my own.

Anything Creed_I haven't found my personal favorite yet, but I'm starting to really like "Love in Black" and "Virgin Island Water." "Love in White" just isn't me.
Victor and Rolf "Flowerbomb"_it just works on my skin. it's like aquolina "pink sugar" without the nausea and headaches, plus a lil' patchouli which I always love.
Bond no. 9 "Saks Fifth Ave for her"_this will probably be my next purchase, it's tuberose done RIGHT! (unfortunately, fracas smells like crap on me!)

So there's me in a bottle. or 12.

This is where you come in, good readers. I cannot seem to find a good fall scent (besides the way my clothes and hair smell after standing by a bonfire for a few hours, mmmmm.) Let me know if you have any suggestions for a good fall perfume that doesn't potentially require a fire extinguisher. or I'd love any other scentillating (I know, I'm awful) input.