I approve: Shawty Get Loose

I will admit that though I like to think of myself as a *slight* hip-hop snob (exceptions: "Low" Flo Rida) I have recently become OBSESSED with Lil' Mama, Chris Brown and T-Pain's new joint "Shawty Get Loose."

Lil' Mama rocks the role as the lyrical headliner. Though there are few notable lines, I did sorta liked this one-

"L.I.L You betta ask somebody
I been on my grind since butt-touch-potty"

haha, since butt-touch-potty. classy. However, it doesn't even matter what she says, because the beat is catchy enough to make me want to shake something regardless the lack of actual lyrical content.

Chris Brown takes the hook with his smooth and synthesized vocals. T-Pain kinda sucks. Check out part of his rap...

"NAPPY BOi!!!!

Even though I don't understand a word (on or off the paper) I still love "DA PAIZZZIAN!"

With the release of this new single Lil' Mama has clearly rebounded from her painful Wet 'n Wild "Lip Gloss" and has upgraded exponentially (to Dior Addict gloss, perhaps?) Her performance in the music video has also somewhat rationalized her previously inexplicable role as dance judge on MTV's "Randy Jackson's Best Dance Crew." She's mighty flexible.

watch it here

I find it hard to believe that there isn't any copyright infringement regarding this video, seeing as how the video obviously got its inspiration from Michael Jackson's "Scream" video, featuring Janet.


I approve: Kanye West Stronger Glasses

I'm ordering these for the concert. The question is...which color? Kanye West Shutter Stronger Shadesmodel melissa kanye westYoung L (The Pack) Mistah Fab Clyde Carsonglow in the dark shutter stronger shadesKanye West Stronger Shades


I approve: Hanes White T-shirts and A-tanks

I literally have two entire drawers devoted to today's subject; one for my EXTRA long white ribbed tanks and one for my white v-neck tees. As a fitness instructor, it's imperative that I have a number of these t-shirts and tank tops so I don't have to do laundry every week (instead it's more like every month...or two....) These tees and tanks are CHEAP, and at around $5.00 for a 3-pack I can afford to buy new ones every few weeks to make sure they stay white. They are also versatile; pair a tee or tank with some retro Nike tempo shorts and they say "RAWR, I'm in shape, I'm hardcore, watch my LAT PULL-DOWNS!" Add jeans, a Tolani, and ballet flats and they scream "I'm fashionable, check me out, but hey, I don't try too hard!" Natalie Portman and my beloved Jessica Alba do a great job of pulling off both styles.

The ribbed A-tanks are also nicknamed "wifebeaters," but I just like to call 'em beaters.


(as defined by urbandictionary.com so you KNOW it has to be accurate...)

1) Someone who beats his wife is a "wifebeater" but this isn't the main definition of the word when used to define an article of clothing.

2) A type of sleeveless undershirt, of the kind that used to be worn by almost all men in the 50's. If you watch the HBO Drama The Sopranos, you'll see Tony (the lead character) wearning this type of undershirt.

They also have associations with being slovenly, unkempt, sloppy, etc. Someone who just woke up and hasn't combed their hair or washed up and appears at the door in a wifebeater shirt, scratching themselves, is a stereotypical picture that comes to mind.

This sleeveless undershirt with a deep round neck and deep arm openings has acquired the connotation of an article of clothing worn by someone who beats his wife -- perhaps because of the unkempt, slovenly nature of the garment when worn alone on a middle aged man with a gut, sitting in an easy chair, scratching at himself and demanding to be waited upon lest he smack around the person waiting on him.

3) The same shirt, worn as daywear or nightwear by slender young women as a kind of fashion statement. It is considered cool for a woman (who can get away with it and looks good) to wear this type of undergarment as an outergarment.

Note: It wouldn't be called a wifebeater when worn by a woman, for obvious reasons. It would just be another instance of a woman wearing typically male clothing and looking better in it than the guy does.

There goes Anthony answering the door in his wifebeater; you'd think with the gut on him that he'd realize it doesn't look good.

"Take that off right now! You look awful; like a wifebeater in that greying old sleeveless undershirt!"

"She's slender and in good shape; that slightly snug sleeveless undershirt (wifebeater) she's wearing looks great on her."

For the most part, I agree with these definitions - I especially like the "scratching" part, heh.

Note: for anyone who wears beaters or tees, make sure that they are truly white. Greyish-yellow stains at the neck and pits of any white shirt is NOT an attractive look.

For guys, try wearing a round-neck t-shirt instead of the v-neck. It's nice when a little sliver of white shows underneath the neck of another shirt on top. This is not gay. Plus, the shirt absorbs sweat so you can stop worrying about pitting out or having those awkward sweaty back streaks.

Also....don't try Britney's look. I realize that there are many Britney "don'ts", so I conveniently included the specific one here. Ladies, please wear a bra with your tanks. And keep them long so you cover that belly.

ps: Fruit of the Loom sucks. Trust me on this one.


I approve: The Hood Internet

thehoodinternet.com is a website that mixes alternative favorites with rap/hip hop songs.

They (I believe the company consists of two guys that run the site and do the mixes) take big names in alternative rock such as Spoon, the Shins, Modest Mouse, Rilo Kiley, The Go Team!, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc. and combine them with rap industry big whigs like Notorious B.I.G. (RIP), Jay-Z, Kanye West (!), Lil' Kim, Missy, the Clipse, Ghostface, etc. There are also more obscure artists featured in both genres, if that's your thing.

These particular mixes differ from their inferior counterparts in that they are actually thoughtful and artistically melded...each track is done individually so it's not just both songs playing over one another.

The website offers its most recent downloadable mix-tape here.


1. Intro
2. The Pack vs Crystal Castles | I'm Shinin' Like A Crystal
3. Dizzee Rascal vs Cyndi Lauper | Girls Just Wanna Fix Up
4. Rhymefest vs !!! | Put It On My Chk Chk Chk
5. Rick Ross vs CSS | Push It To The Alalimit
6. Birdman & Lil Wayne vs Black Rock | Stuntin' Like Black Rock
*7. Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z) vs Menomena vs M83 | Cyborg Umbrella
8. Trillville (feat. Cutty) vs The Knife | Some Cut Like A Knife
9. Omarion vs Mylo | Drop The Icebox Pressure
10. Tag Team vs LCD Soundystem | Great! There It Is
*11. Lloyd vs Feist | My Moon My Shawty
*12. Crime Mob (feat. Lil Scrappy) vs The Shins | Rock Yo Sea Legs
13. Swizz Beats vs Deerhoof | It's E.S.P., Bitches
*14. Lil Wayne vs Modest Mouse | Fire It Up, Firemouse
15. Lil Mama vs Marnie Stern | Absorb The Lip Gloss
16. Mos Def vs Battles | B-Boy Battles
*17. The Game (feat. Kanye West) vs The Go! Team | Wouldn't Grip Far
*18. Snoop Dogg (feat. R. Kelly) vs Architecture In Helsinki | That's That Whirlwind
19. T.I. vs Fujiya & Miyagi | What You Know About Transparent Things
*20. TLC vs Led Zeppelin | All My Scrubs
21. Timbaland (feat. Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake) vs Hot Chip | Give It To My Boy From School
22. Destiny's Child vs Justice | Lose My Waters Of Naza(b)reath
*23. Ghostface Killah (feat. Jacki-O) vs Spoon | The Ghostface Of You Lingers
24. Khia vs Dan Deacon | Snatch Da Crystal Cat Back
25. R. Kelly (feat. T-Pain, T.I.) vs Broken Social Scene | I'm A Flirt (Shoreline)
26. UNK vs LCD Soundsystem | North America Walk It Out (UNK Soundsystem)
27. Outro

the starred ones are my personal favorites.

There's plenty more where those came from, so check the site out at thehoodinternet.com for new mixes every week.

I approve: Squidbillies

"A family of inbred squids tear the ass out of all creation in the North Georgia mountains. It's not all drinking, brawling and reckless gunplay. Occasionally they use crossbows. There's also hate, love, sex, a multinational drywall conglomerate, cockfighting, the penal system and a deep-seated mistrust of authority and all things different."

Watch it here.

This...is squidbillies. If you are an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan (don't know what I'm talking about? too bad) you will definitely appreciate the twisted humor of Squidbillies, which is by the same creator as ATHF. It's essentially an animated short about squids living in Nowhereville, USA. To pass the time they start rock bands, become possessed by the devil, create living and breathing chicken wings complete with excretions of hot sauce and ranch dressing, and wear fly-ass trucker hats featuring classy slogans such as "booty hunter."

Early, the main character, is just about as inbred as you can get and seems to be perpetually drunk. His illegitimate son, Rusty, was raised by wolves, but is now under Early's care. Granny, who hangs onto a walker with her tentacles, just won't seem to die. Lil, Early's sister, is busy popping out babies when she's not making meth. In addition to the squids there's some psycho guy with long red hair and then there's the sheriff who has the intellect of a 7-year old. Fun for the whole family!

Squidbillies is on Adult Swim aka late night Cartoon Network every Sunday night.

PS: speaking of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and all things adult swim...check out the sweeeet Meatwad sailor hat I made for DG's Pinafore party. Essentially, we take a sailor hat and decorate it as embarrassingly as possible and make our dates wear them bowling.

Jack, I have now not only given you a shout-out but also a photo feature. I expect a comment.


I approve: Cork Screw Bottle-Biner

Just a back story before I introduce this week's newest approved product. I am an avid wine drinker. Some may say "wine-o", but I prefer the term "wine connoisseur" (albeit most bottles I buy are under $10). I've been smuggling bottles in my purse from house party to house party for the past few years, and each time I can never seem to remember my corkscrew. It is because of this that I have become proficient in opening wine bottles in numerous non-traditional methods. There's the time Jack and I had to use a screw (yes, a single screw) to dig the cork out of the bottle. Not recommended. I've also been known to take the end of a toothbrush and push the cork inside the bottle-this one's a little more effective. Knives, screwdrivers, keys and pens are also good tools for pushing the cork inside the bottle as well. This method is not preferred. Not only is it difficult and painful, but also because it taints the taste of the wine. For me, however, I dislike this method mostly because I collect corks and if the cork is floating in pieces inside a bottle I am unable to add it to my collection.

There is little doubt...the corkscrew, hands down, is the best tool for opening a bottle of wine (imagine that.)

Now, for the forgetful wine-os like me, there is a CORKSCREW BOTTLE-BINER. This thing is phenomenal! It's essentially a carabiner (one of those metal clasps that people use for keychains if they want to appear rugged and mountainey; the equivalent of wearing North Face in states south of Iowa) What makes this carabiner special is not that it can hold 150lbs of weight or that it's made of reinforced steel but that it has a corkscrew attached! Climbing a mountain is hard. Now when you finally reach the summit you can celebrate! Go ahead, pop open that bubbly the correct way – without being forced to break the bottle over someone's unfortunate head!

The biner is available here for only $12. I think that this is definitely a reasonable price. But hey, that's just coming from a girl who has spent 20 minutes picking cork out of a bottle with a screw.