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Angel vs. Fracas

I have been eyeing the Sephora scent samplers for awhile now, and am so happy to finally have received the Classics! The kit includes eight perfume samples and a voucher for a full-sized version of one of the scents. I am reminded of the time I literally spent an hour in the Coach store deciding between a tan or red leather wallet. I hope this is not repeated in the Sephora store. 

Cartier Délices De Cartier Eau Fruitée
Guerlain Shalimar
Hanae Mori Butterfly
Marc Jacobs Perfume
Prada Parfums Prada
Robert Piguet Fracas
Thierry Mugler Angel
Vera Wang The Fragrance

I've been dying for Fracas, but my skin handles Angel better. Then again, I haven't even smelled them all yet. And so it begins.



The blog Stuff White People Like has proven to be an embarrassingly accurate portrayal of my life. Which is odd since I'm made fun of on a daily basis for my "hood" nature, or lack thereof. Anywho, the hummus post hit a little too ridiculously close to home...in fact, right now I'm stuck alone in my apartment at school with nothing but Bud Select, hummus and leftover pizza in the fridge.

Party time.


Good, I got your attention. You've no doubt already heard of the infamous NARS Orgasm blush, but have you met its distant cousin and sister-in-law...the new matching nail polish and lip gloss? Seems like the perfect combination  to counteract the soon-to-come January weather, mood and sallow skin blahs. Note: The photo does the color NO justice. It's a beautiful shimmery pinkish-peach that brightens up pale winter hands and nicely complements darker complexions as well.  

American Apparel

I wish I lived near an American Apparel. I'm obsessing over these, but afraid if order online they may pull an Urban Outfitters and send me hideously discolored, cheap sub-par versions of the items.

The AA circle scarf is just a looped piece of fabric but can be worn as almost anything. I read reviews online and apparently the scarf is gigantic, but  I tend to cocoon myself often in bundles of fabric, so that sounds just fine with me.

I really like leggings. And buttons. And these.

Okay, so this tee is the hotness. It starts out as a plain faded  tee and changes color depending on your body temperature. Sounds weird, but the effect is really sweet. 

This red skirt is so festive for the holidays and is what I consider a "good" red, not a garish one with too much pink or orange. Plus, high waists flatter everyone.

I actually have this striped dress in black and white, and it's just as Parisian chic as it looks on the model. However, it is a bit tight in the bum (which, if you know me, is very
 odd since I don't have much junk back there.) Apple bottoms beware, this fruit-hugging horizontal stripe could be potentially disastrous. Try adding a
 black vest, tights and camel riding boots to keep it flattering and stylish at the same time. 

This Helvetica letter tee is ingenius, simple and only $20. I was initially thinking about getting the "Cc" one for my intial, but "Zz" is sounding pretty cute. Or, even better, I wish they would get "Xx" so I could rep my hot female genetic makeup. Or "Mm." Maybe I could get a group to wear a bunch of different letters and we could spell something out!? Someone stop me, the possibilities are endless.

Classic unisex AA v-necks are probably the most flattering t-shirt available. I like this set of three in black, grey and blue. Don't forget to order a size down if you's a ho.

This electric blue cardigan can apparently be worn as a dress as well. I'm curious to see if the color is that bright in real life. 

Go buy all of these. Tell me what you think. Then send them to me in the mail. 


Starbucks Christmas Cups

So cute. It almost makes me forget about the whole evil-corporation thing.

Is Starbucks just another manifestation of the devil? Or a wondrous suburban watering hole? Decide for yourself here.


I approve: Haagen Dazs Sorbet

Long story short, this stuff is amazing. I have only tried the raspberry flavor, but once my pint is gone (in only a matter of minutes, I'm sure) I'm going to purchase the mango flavor. 
This does not taste like what most people think "sorbet" tastes like. It isn't icy and tart, but instead tastes like fruity ice cream; rich enough to satisfy any sugary craving. 

An entire pint of this has only 480 calories. That means you can eat 3 WHOLE CONTAINERS of this for the same caloric value of one Chipotle burrito. 

Let that marinade.

Now, obviously no one consciously plans on sitting down and eating an entire pint of ice cream, but sometimes these things happen. In the case of Haagen-Dazs sorbet, IT'S OKAY!

comes in chocolate, coconut, peach, lemon, raspberry, mango and strawberry flavors.