I approve: People who comment on posts

does anyone read this?

(Danielle, you don't count.)

If so, please comment. You can even comment using your aim name (supa supa easy). I accept only good comments and positive feedback...just kidding. Shoot me down. Argue with me. DO YOU HATE FREAKIN' RIDING BOOTS? tell me how much you think they suck! DID YOU GO OUT AND TRY KOMBUCHA AND HAVE A LIFE-ALTERING EXPERIENCE (not yet? you will.) tell me about it!

This is an exercise in a little something we journalism majors call "citizen journalism." This means the public aka bloggers get to tell their story sans reporter – read: no editing! This, however, only works if there is a dichotomy between the blogger (me) and the readers (yes...that is you.)

It seems you are having a little trouble getting into the mood- so here we go. I'm dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and putting on my sexiest fingerless gloves just for you guys (I tried). Let's get this relationship started, ow ow.


Danielle said...

i like the new picture in the header- looks very legit. and i would like to nominate 'last minute cramming for comm law exams that we eventually dominate (kind of, maybe, we'll see)' for one of the top ten of the week next time.

soleam said...

Dearest Chelsea,

I read your blog and I must say, I dont know how I feel about the kombucha. However, I am definitely going to go try a honey latte. Mmmmm, love you!

Tyler said...

Chelsea -

I read your blog!!!!! You've always seemed to find the weirdest/coolest things and this blog is great for you to do that. I like it. Haven't tried the Kombucha yet though.

check this out: http://winethatloves.com/wines.asp

Have you ever seen these before? I think you should order a bottle or two and decide whether or not you approve. We talked about it in a marketing class and it reminded me for some reason of you?



PS. let's hang out?