I approve: Anatomical Wood Man Thing

Meet little anatomical wood man thing. He sits on my desk all day and all night in these amazing poses! 

While I swore to myself while back in drawing and 2D design sophomore year that I would NEVER set eyes on one of these things again, I didn't realize just how precious these little wood men are. They can wave. They can stand with attitude. I personally like to keep mine in mid-leap all the time.

Once I get my ikea furniture assembled (in a few months) and get my life/room together I will post a photo of little wood man. But, until then...what's your favorite desk item?

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K said...

You should do a stop animation video of the wood man. I use to make those with my brother. (nerd points!)

You know my obsession with office supplies is immense, so my trio of tea canisters that I use for pen/pencil holders wins my heart. The one is a totally politically incorrect chinese one that held loose jasmine tea. Mmm.