I approve: Alaffia

Alaffia is this wonderful brand of fair-trade products available at local health food specialty shops (clover's, whole foods, etc.)

"We formulate our premium shea butter skin care products using our own handcrafted, shea butter and other indigenous ingredients. The goal of our simple, effective formulations is to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the shea butter and indigenous ingredients in the final product. We do not use petroleum derived products or parabens, and we do not test on animals. We make all of our shea butter products ourselves in small batches at our facility in Olympia, WA."

Basically, all their stuff is all-natural and all-awesome. Unlike other natural brands (like Suki, etc.) Alaffia is decently priced...most of the products are between $10-$50.

My personal favorite product of theirs is their shea butter lip balm, for $3.50.
Shea & Cocoa Butter Lip Balmthese balms come in mocha flavoring (maybe this could help me cut down on nonfat mochas? nope) sweet orange mint, and tangerine clove (ahh bad memories of when I got my wisdom teeth removed...) I'm a little angry, however, because my FAVORITE flavor is no longer available at most locations. It is simply mint flavored in a black container. If anyone finds this one, LET ME KNOW WHERE AND BUY ME A CASE.

I hope it hasn't been discontinued. Everything I ever like is discontinued.

just a few examples....

1. Victoria's Secret #55 perfume
2. Milton brand whole wheat 7 grain bread (toasted, with some creamed honey and jasmine green tea...delicious)
3. Lancome's HUGE AMAZING bronzer disk compact with brush
4. Trader Joe's ReviveSPA shampoo and conditioner
5. Banana Boat self-tanning lotion (in a yellow bottle with a red lid)
6. Alaffia mint lip balm



beaks said...

You are really not helping your claim of not being earthy. P.S. next semester, no tofurkey allowed. AND WE ARE HAVING THANKSGIVING.

chelsea said...

trust me, the tofurkey thing won't be a problem. i'm not the BIGGEST fan of its strange processed texture and obviouslynotsmokedbutsmokey flavor.

fine WE CAN HAVE THANKSGIVING. but I'm eating salmon and crabcakes.

beaks said...

ok nantucket nancy