I approve: Earth Day

Hand tie-dyed shirts blew in the wind as sweaty hippies danced barefoot to no music in Peace Park.

The Columbia, Mo. 2008 Earth Day celebration occurred this Sunday, and thankfully she decided to cooperate by providing beautiful 76-degree weather for the occasion (thanks, earth!)

Here are just a few photos of the event, taken by my friend Erik Shookman. Downtown basically consisted of hundreds of booths either selling homemade "earthy" goods or promoting "earth-friendly" services and information. My favorite booths were the one that sold Kombucha, the one with hand-dyed dresses, and the Humane Society booth that had dogs you could play with. There was also an awesome owl some brave soul was holding.

Oh, and check it out, the paparazzi caught me signing a petition to allow sex education back in public schools! (fine, the paparazzi was just Danielle...) Anyways, Danielle has wonderfully documented the event in pics, check them out here.

I never knew Columbia and Mizzou celebrated Earth day in such a hardcore manner. Same time next year?


Danielle said...

first off, thank you for the shout out.
second, that stuff white people like blog is the best thing i have ever seen.

Meghan Kuryla said...

Like the blog chelsea!

kleenkwa said...

durr chelsea. how did you not know about the earth day celebration? maybe we didn't invite you last year...oops. anywho i linked your blog on mine. yay for chelsea product reviews.