I approve: Squidbillies

"A family of inbred squids tear the ass out of all creation in the North Georgia mountains. It's not all drinking, brawling and reckless gunplay. Occasionally they use crossbows. There's also hate, love, sex, a multinational drywall conglomerate, cockfighting, the penal system and a deep-seated mistrust of authority and all things different."

Watch it here.

This...is squidbillies. If you are an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan (don't know what I'm talking about? too bad) you will definitely appreciate the twisted humor of Squidbillies, which is by the same creator as ATHF. It's essentially an animated short about squids living in Nowhereville, USA. To pass the time they start rock bands, become possessed by the devil, create living and breathing chicken wings complete with excretions of hot sauce and ranch dressing, and wear fly-ass trucker hats featuring classy slogans such as "booty hunter."

Early, the main character, is just about as inbred as you can get and seems to be perpetually drunk. His illegitimate son, Rusty, was raised by wolves, but is now under Early's care. Granny, who hangs onto a walker with her tentacles, just won't seem to die. Lil, Early's sister, is busy popping out babies when she's not making meth. In addition to the squids there's some psycho guy with long red hair and then there's the sheriff who has the intellect of a 7-year old. Fun for the whole family!

Squidbillies is on Adult Swim aka late night Cartoon Network every Sunday night.

PS: speaking of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and all things adult swim...check out the sweeeet Meatwad sailor hat I made for DG's Pinafore party. Essentially, we take a sailor hat and decorate it as embarrassingly as possible and make our dates wear them bowling.

Jack, I have now not only given you a shout-out but also a photo feature. I expect a comment.


beaks said...

ryan and I were talking and when he confirmed what I already thought, I knew I had to say something. Put the pic of you and your crazy thumbs up in my bird necklace back at the top! it's funnier and makes you look like a hardcore underwater basketweaving pilates teaching starbucks enthusiast journalist. You know what would be soo cool? is if they took out something insignificant like generic or buchroeder's jewelry and put in a starby's --- HOW NEW YORK - WE WOULD LIVE ABOVE A STARBUCKS.

Take it from Chelsea said...

I like how you call buchroeder's "insiginificant." don't tell mills! (our potential landlord) he owns the jewelry store which, by the way, is pretty baller.