I approve: Kanye (part XVII)

Kanye may not be tough. He may not have street cred. And he may not wear enough Phat Farm. I don't care. He rocks the Vuitton hardcore enough for me. Despite what the haters say, and there are a lot of them, I still believe he is one of the greatest hip hop producers/lyricists/fahionistos in the business today. Oh, and he's a Rocafella, so you KNOW he's legit.

But enough about my unrequited love affair with arguably the most untouchable hip hop icon (although I hear he's now single...) Let's discuss his Glow in the Dark Chicago performance. The MOMENT I heard K was going on tour, I got on his website to get tickets. Having already seen him once before in row 78 at Mizzou Arena (yes I still have my ticket and referred to it for row number), I was determined to get a better seat. Seeing as how this tour was predicted by Rolling Stone to be "the greatest live performance since U2's show more than a decade ago," the tickets were not cheap. So, I did it. I signed up for Kanye's fan club. And got VIP tickets. For the Chicago show. The tickets were around $170 and they guaranteed a spot within the first 20 rows. What was I thinking? I ordered tickets through a potentially shady website, that may or may not get me a spot in the first 20 rows, let alone a seat at all. For all I knew, some 14-year-old girl in Ohio was now $150 richer and on her way to buy 1,000 bonnebell lipglosses. Oh well, I still had my faith. And a printable receipt, thank God (or insert other spiritual leader).

to be continued.

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